Ultratimeseries is a time series database with real-time analytics, high performance, scalability, multi-source data and embedded machine-learning capabilities.


It works as a business enabler upon which companies can build their services or products, either in the cloud or on-premises.


Its novel concept of using data as actors gives UltraTimeSeries extremely high velocity read and write operations.

Actor Concept

Introducing our novel concept -> data as actors…

  • Data is represented as actors

  • An actor can assume multiple roles

  • Actors exchange messages between one another. Each of these messages has a unit, an action and a time

  • These messages are quantified over time, resulting in a time series

  • Complicated calculations can be applied to these messages with low latency

  • We have a structured language (PQL) to operate and analyze the data

  • This relationship between actors enables a data query like a graph database

The result? High velocity read and write operations


Write Speed


Messages per second


Read Speed


Messages per second