Time Series Data at lightning speed.

Crunch your data with our advanced & revolutionary, ground-breaking technology.
Supercharge your analytics and insights on our rock-solid cloud infrastructure.

Write up to 5.5 million records per second into the database.
Read up to 140 million records per second.

What We Do


Leverage our low latency I/O to store large amounts of time series data. We’re fast, scalable and easy to use.
You can write up 5.5 million records per second and read up to 140 million records from our datastore.


Unparallelled processing power to apply lightning-fast algorithms to your data.
Train large datasets in record time with our embedded machine learning.


As business enablers our tools give you insights fast.
Create business specific customizable dashboards and reports to respond your business needs .

Remarkable Success Stories

Our Insurance Client increased their performance 746x

They had serious Performance issues with the software they used to detect fraudulent claims.


We helped a well known Logistics company query over a Billion data points per second

With their old system it would have taken over 7 months of activity to get one days statistics.

Crunching real-time data from thousands of smart meters

UltraTimeSeries easily stores several years of data, so this solved the first issue. And given its immense query speed our client was able to run multiple ad-hoc queries in just a matter of seconds instead of hours.


How it works


Create an account, set up an instance and you’re ready to go.


Build your product or service on top of our new, dynamic and flexible data model.
Our paradigm makes it easy to apply business-specific algorithms .


We offer a time series database as a service. Forget managing large clusters and let us worry about availability. We provide a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.

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